Achieving the necessary balance between regulatory compliance
and engaging your target audiences is both an art and a science.

Trying to be heard, understood and remembered is challenging.

We develop your audio-visual, digital, social and personal communications to impact and resonate with your target audiences.

Public & Patients

Health Literacy

As a patient, it’s essential you understand your healthcare journey.

Medical Services and providers need to understand your story to help address your specific needs.

We support you by helping turn your engagement with healthcare professionals into a knowledge exchange. Asking the right questions, providing the relevant information is key to successful clinical communication.

We help patients to learn more about their health.

Health Advice – Ask the Right Questions
  • Public Lectures, on-line conferences and events.

  • Support for Smart Social Networks – supported with professionally endorsed expert content.

  • Healthcare subscription services such as Nurture Bundle – specific advice, Hints & Tips, access to proprietary Conferences / Events / Webinars.

  • Advocacy – Become an Expert Patient through our help.

  • Better Patient Support Groups

  • We develop platforms to better support patients and their efforts in communication, awareness and fundraising.


Addressing the specific requirements of Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Hospital Groups, Healthcare Professionals and Life Science companies.

Complex businesses need simple ways to convey key information.

This requires excellent communications ability, using digital assets appropriately.

We understand digital…but we also understand your business.

Talk to us about supporting you to engage your professional and public audiences.

  • Pharmaceuticals information exchange across key professional groups, showcasing research results, demonstrating mode of action graphics, organising and hosting webinars and scientific symposia.

  • Medical Technology – Device Graphics, Showcasing Engineering Design, Market Research, Analytics, Websites, Education Platforms, Video Production.

  • Apps – Any, for any purpose.

  • Health Insurers – Educational content, Websites, Patient recruitment for market research, Videography, Animation and Social Network development.

  • Patient Support Providers – Patient Education, Audience Engagement, Advisory Boards, Market Research, Analytics, Reporting, Conferences / Events / Webinars, Websites.

  • Healthcare Services – (Hospitals and Clinics, Clinical care providers) – Websites, Audience Engagement, Conference Organisation, Reporting, Webinars, Data Registries, Education Platforms

  • HSE – Patient Education, Audience Engagement, Conferences / Events / Webinars, Data Registries, Websites, Education Platforms.

  • Case Studies

MEDx Network

For Healthcare Professionals only 

We understand the challenges working inside healthcare – the pressures and workload, ever changing clinical data and practice, the never ending demands on your professional and private time.

So often in healthcare, it feels like there is too much data already but too little critical information. The MEDXNetwork seeks to harness the skills and experiences of others to accelerate learning. It is open to all clinicians, clinical specialists and allied health professionals as a portal for unique and useful content.


  • This is a place where clinical professionals can communicate, share content and access data to support clinical societies, meetings and symposia.

  • It includes opportunities to train in non-medical areas such as presentation training, digital medicine.

  • It invites external speakers to address topics outside medicine but relevant to clinical practitioners – e.g. finance, fitness, wellbeing.

  • Medical Societies – Conference Calendars, Conference Support, Audience Engagement, Market Research – Analytics, Reporting, Webinars, Websites & Education Platforms.

  • Medical Education – Hints & Tips

  • MEDxSocial – Social media campaigns and training

  • MEDx – a Speaking platform for topics of interest to medics and healthcare professionals

You need to communicate through various media, manage audio-visual productions, deal with social media, handle marketing within appropriate guidelines and standards and much more…

Talk to us about supporting you to engage your professional and public audiences.

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