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Our Mission

To improve health literacy and clinical outcomes, by supporting doctors, patients, and the healthcare system.

Our Ethos

We support healthcare professionals, patients and the healthcare system.

Our Approach

We partner with industry, healthcare service providers and patient support groups to deliver engaging clinical evidence. Our content is easily understood by diverse audiences. We work as a multi-disciplinary team with opinion leaders.

We scale brand digital presence across media platforms via online, print, video, animation & images.

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Meet our Leaders

Dr. P.J. Fitzpatrick

Dr. Fitzpatrick is passionate about improving health outcomes through continuous education and improved communications across the full spectrum of healthcare services. Dr. Fitzpatrick is the CEO of
Educate4Health… Learn More

Kathy Whyte

Kathy is keen to integrate the “Early Life” science and evidence into everyday life including public health policy, and support strategies to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases including obesity and cardiovascular disease. Kathy qualified as a Nurse… Learn more

Dave Shanahan

Dave is keenly interested improving healthcare services delivery through adoption of the latest healthcare innovations that deliver real economic value and the best outcome for patients. Dave is Chairman to Educate4Health… Learn More

Hemal Sheth

Hemal has won various awards for his skills in data visualisation and graphic design. Hemal has 14 years’ experience as a designer in information graphic design and data visualisation… Learn More

Suzanne Dennison

Suzanne is an experienced Healthcare Practice Manager, deeply interested in optimising community healthcare and an active volunteer for the Cork Simon Community. Suzanne began her career as a Registered Nurse… Learn more

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What our Clients Say about Us

Clare O’Reilly

Senior Physiotherapist, Ireland

“The educate4health team produced a fantastic digital 2 day conference, the platform was widely commented on by attendees as very user friendly. The content presented very professional and the live Q&A was really interactive and ran very smoothly – many thanks to the whole Educate4Health team ”

Elaine Neary

Clinical Specialist Dietitian Gastroenterology, Ireland

“Thank you for a very informative webinar. It was really superb. I rate it so highly because I was able to choose the most suitable time to watch, the topics were very relevant especially EoE, and the presentations were so practical”

Alice Day

Lead Physiotherapist Cystic Fibrosis, UK

“Educate4Health provided an exceptionally professional platform for our virtual study event. The event ran smoothly with great feedback from attendees.”