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Our Vision

Simplify medical communication to support patients on their journey,
improve Health Literacy and benefit the Healthcare System.

Our Approach

We partner with industry and healthcare service providers to develop engaging medical and scientific communication based on clinical evidence. Our content is accessible and easily understood by diverse audiences. We work in multi-disciplinary teams, focused on results, partnering with opinion leaders. We scale brand digital presence across media platforms via online print, video, animation & images.

Educate For Health


Begin with a conversation identifying the issues needing resolution.

Educate For Health


Identify workflow processes, obstacles and impediments to success.

Educate For Health


Develop strategies, prototypes wireframes and approaches as relevant to be tested and implemented.

Educate For Health


Implement, measure, refine, improve and scale.

About Us

Educate4Health are Communications and Digital Solutions Specialists for Healthcare & Life Sciences. Improving effectiveness of interaction between patients, healthcare and allied professionals. Educate4Health EMPOWER patients to make informed choices through reliable, easily accessible sources of expert healthcare information and better health literacy. We create and implement SMART engagement strategies providing the right Information through the right medium at the right time to the right people. Empowering professionals and patients reduces business costs while improving healthcare outcomes and patients experiences.

Educate For Health
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Picture of Dr. P.J. Fitzpatrick

Dr.P.J. Fitzpatrick BSc. Ph.D MBA

Dr. Fitzpatrick is the CEO of Educate4Health. P.J. has over 20 years broad international experience in the life science industry in R&D, Technology Transfer, Programme Management and Business…

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Kathy Whyte RN RM

Kathy Whyte RN RM MSc.

Kathy qualified as a Nurse and a Midwife and completed a Masters in Nutritional Medicine. Kathy has worked in the pharmaceutical sector developing & implementing…

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Dave Shanahan BSc

Dave Shanahan BSc Dip Bus Mgmt. TCD

Dave is advisor to Educate4Health bringing 27 years of healthcare business experience working in multinational pharma, health providers and international sales. He was previously Managing …

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Hemal Sheth

Hemal has 14 years’ experience as a designer in information
graphic design and data visualisation …

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