Digital Engagement

Educate4Health is a digital engagement strategy specialist (SEO, SMO, PPC, e-Mail & online marketing campaigns), content developer and distributor of information for healthcare and medical companies, health services providers, patient organisations, NGOs and charities. Located in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland, our video and digital content is engaging and effective.


  • Concept Origination
  • Content Development
  • Filming, Creative Design
  • Digital Distribution
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Change Management
  • Digital Market Research

Analytics & Reports

Educate4Health constantly monitors the impact of our content, measuring Views, Engagement Responses and Feedback.
The results are collated, analysed and presented as easy to interpret graphics available as reports online in real time.
We use this information to continuously refine our services and product delivery so it is always optimally presented and accessible.


  • Real time monitoring
  • Data analytics & visualisation
  • Easy to interpret graphics
  • Objective decision making

Digital Communication Development

Educate4Heath creates customised animation and video that is optimised to drive awareness and behavioural change. Here’s how we do it:

Planning: We work with clients to determine what they wish to achieve, discuss and agree the development process and timeframe.

Story boarding: Once the planning is complete, Educate4Health develops the context and theme of the campaign with video, animation or digital marketing templates.

Production: Following planning and execution, visuals / graphics / images / templates are optimised quickly and effectively ready for client review.

Editing: Our rigorous editing process includes the client at the centre of decisions, based on their preferred level of involvement from the first draft to the final product. This ensures accurate, effective and engaging content distributed and delivered efficiently to your audience.

The final video / animation / digital product / mobile app. is developed by our team of designers and content creators working closely with our client so that it meets and exceeds expectations.


  • Rigorous content development
  • Engaging material
  • Drive awareness and behaviour change
  • Effective efficient communication

Mobile Applications

Today, our phone is our window to the world. Educate4Health creates mobile apps for iPhone and Android to maximise the reach of your communication securely and affordably.

The Educate4Health online mobile platform creates fully customisable apps with complete audit trail functionality enabling easy convenient secure access to critical knowledge and real time data review.


  • Apps for iPhone and Android
  • Intuitive easy to use
  • Latest security
  • Fully customisable


Once your video / animation / digital templates are approved, it’s time distribute the messages. We use the best available technologies to distribute your content through the most appropriate channels to engage with your audience. We assess different channels and select those most convenient, easily accessible and regularly viewed by your target demographics.


  • Client approved content
  • Select best distribution channels
  • Accessible on any device
  • Full audit trail